Parabens in cosmetics and food? It is true and could kill you!

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Most of your cosmetics have parabens. Be aware and very cautious

Not everything which makes you look good is good for you. If you haven’t already knew, parabens are among the most dangerous synthetic preservatives in the market today.

In fact, parabens are used in pharmaceuticals and food. More alarming yet is that parabes are used in cosmetic and many types of personal care products. This includes moisturizers, shampoos, deodorants and such where there has been reports that deodorants and shaving could lead to cancer.

The most common types of parabens are methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. They are used to keep the products longer on the shelf which is why skin care products continue to be effective even after months of being on the shelf of your favourite cosmetic brand. The problem only starts when it enters your body.

One of the biggest risk your body is facing when using cosmetics with parabens is breast cancer. This is because parabens can mimic estrogen which can then stimulate the division of breast cells and because your body finds it hard to break down synthetic estrogen could lead to accumulation of fat cells that can then lead to tumors.

Besides that, it could lead to early puberty among young girls and decreased sperm levels among men. In a recent study carried out, there were residues of parabens found in their blood in urine which means that these preservatives cannot be effectively released from the body and stays in there for a long time.

As such, you can be exposed to higher risk, most specifically cancer. Hence, it would be best to use cosmetics or personal care productswhich guarantees to be parabens and chemical preservatives-free so that you will not be at any of the health-risks while continuing to enjoy optimal skin health.