Top 5 Claims of Microwave Dangers – Are they True?

malaysia microwave dangerous

The Microwave only offers convenience and nothing more. Stop using it now or it could cost you your life!

If no one has already told you before, the microwave is actually one of the most dangerous devices ever invented. It can heat up and cook food within minutes but this convenience is as far as it does because besides that, it can cause more damage than good. If it is so dangerous, why are people still buying microwaves? We examine the top 5 claims.

Claim 1 – Radiation
According to reports, microwaves do leak radiation but they are extremely low to be harmful in any way. You can actually escape the radiation if you are located further from the source. The modern design of the microwave is made that any radiation waves would only be contained within the unit while anything leaked out should be so low, it would be harmless.

Claim 2 – Causes Cancer and human reproductive systems
Studies have shown that any radiation leakage from microwaves would be so low that it would not have any adverse effects on the human reproductive system. However, it is known that cancer is caused by doing something that is not helpful to health for a long period of time. This means that if you are eating foods with low microwaves for many years, it would be detrimental.

Claim 3 – Kills nutrients in food
This is perhaps the most substantiated claim. It started in 1975 and continues to draw attention to present day. It has been found that the nutritional content of microwaved foods were different. A more recent study in 2008 found that foods that were steamed and boiled were better preserved in terms of antioxidants and carotenoids as compared to other cooking methods.

Claim 4 – Toxic from plastics can flow into your food
This is extremely true if you are microwaving foods using plastic that are not ‘safe’. Ensure that you find plastic that is labelled ‘microwave-safe’ or don’t use plastic at all.

Claim 5 – Change in food and water molecular structure
This is not true at all because there has been numerous studies into whether the molecular structure were changed after microwaving. It seems that, besides the change due to the temperature, the rest is pretty much intact.

Conclusion – The bottom line is, you do not want so much electromagnetic elements in your food. The more you microwave, the riskier it becomes. The best method is to boil or steam your food. PERIOD!