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Sugar can attract cancer cells in new MRI method


The fact that sugar is one of the biggest threats to health but it has become almost an inevitable part of life and your regular diet. The biggest culprit for this is because of your addiction to fast food and manufactured diet which is usually high on sugar.

It has been found recently that sugar causes uncontrolled development and growth of cancer cells and encourages its spread.

In the study, it was so conclusive that detecting sugar level could well be a way to determine the risk of cancer. Using MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), the University College London has derived a method to use MRI in scanning glucose in the body. In the scan, cancer tumours that thrives on sugar lit up brightly.

As the scan was looking for glucose, the cells contained large amounts of sugar which brought about the result. Previously, cancer detection was done using low-dose radiation which had side effects and could be an indirect cause of this disease. This new technique is called ‘glucose chemical exchange saturation transfer’.

In doing so, it was determined that sugar is one of the biggest triggers that promote development and spreading of cancer cells. The lead researcher, Dr Simon Walker-Samuel said that normal sugar is injected to detect tumors, a cheaper alternative to current methods.

The scanning method only required a small amount of sugar to detect tumours which led to the conclusion that even the tiniest amounts of sugar could well promote proliferation of cancer in the body.

Besides sugar, sweetened, artificial or processed food, fast food and flour were all indicators of this and this is very different from the fructose found in fruits which are broken down easily in the body. Hence, the advice is to take more greens and fruits and to avoid processed or manufactured foods like sausages and burgers.