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Did you know that Sugar is more dangerous than fat?

Did you know that Sugar is more dangerous than fat

The obsession with fats has been going on for many decades if not centuries. In fact, it has already been substantiated that fat is the culprit when it comes to production of cholesterol which will result in blocked arteries that eventually causes a heart attack.
However, recent studies have proved that it might not be the fats which have been causing the blocked arteries but sugar. It seems that while fats still contribute to the rising of cholesterol levels, it might not be the biggest contributor of this health problem.

This is because naturally, people are replacing fat with an even larger problem, sugar. If that happens, it becomes more detrimental than the initial problem. If you are someone who is worried about heart disease, then you might have to be more concerned with sugar than with fat.

It has become a no-brainer that anyone with a sane mind will believe that a double chesseburger is more dangerous than a can of coke even if it is the ‘diet’ version. What they do not realize is that sugary drinks will be converted to bad cholesterol in the body which means that now you have to content with not only heart attack but diabetes as well.

So, why is sugar more damaging than fat? The truth is the human body was not made to deal with so much sugar as it is in today’s diet. When these foods get to the liver, they are filtered and the sugar needed will be sent to where they belong, the rest will be metabolized and then converted into low density lipoprotein particles which in laymen terms means bad cholesterol.

The problem is that the body is unaware what goes in and even if it is a slice of white bread, it will convert into sugar although it takes a longer time. So regardless of what you eat, be mindful that it is not always fat that you should be afraid of but it is sugar.