Dangers of food products from Asia

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According to recent report, there have been hundreds of food products from Taiwan which have been banned as they were tainted with a type of chemical used to produce plastics. This can cause hormone malfunctions specifically among the young which covered beverages and many other foods. This ban has already been practiced by countries like Hong Kong, the Philippines and South Korea.
The chemical concerned is known as DEHP or di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate is used in plastics and many types of personal care products which has already been linked to effects in development and reproduction. For the adult, it could lead to reduced sperm counts which would reduce the likelihood of conceiving babies.

Cancer – DEHP is associated with plastics used in vinyl flooring, shower curtains and even toys but when this chemical is used in food, the consequences can be damaging. This means that one could get liver cancer if such foods are consumed. Other known diseases that can be resulted include kidney and testicular cancers.

Another type of food which has been making waves in the world where there was the exploding watermelon case. Using forchlorfenuron, a type of growth accelerator, this chemical is legal in countries like the US if used in small amounts.

China-raised fish are known to be fed with chicken and human waste and they are very commonly sold in supermarkets around the US. Besides that, antibiotics, fungicides and pesticides are used to compensate for clean water when raising the fishes.

This actually leads back to the common practice of buying daily groceries from local and large hypermarket chains where Wal-Mart is one of the largest trading partners of China. As such, it is not uncommon that one is almost definitely buying food from Asian countries in one way or another, even if they are labelled as ‘organic’ foods.