News & Events

A lot of events and roadshows are constantly being organized in the health and fitness industries. These events are usually held to promote good health and products that can help build happier families around community malls and convention centres.

Calendar of health related events

Are you aware of a health-related event near you? Do you know what is happening in the coming months of the year which might benefit you? Check out the calendar and plan your trips accordingly. On top of that, you can add in any information of such events for others too. This could be an expo, a health talk, blood donation drive, roadshow and others.

Latest news on events

Apart from knowing about the events, you can find out about the latest news as well. Any new launch or upcoming events would be reported so that you can add them to your personal calendar. There will be additional information like ticket pricing, what you should bring with you and what to expect at these events.
This is because at certain events, you might need to have your medical report or history in order to enjoy more efficient services, particularly if you are seeking any personal medical advice.

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