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How to treat Acne on the back

How to treat Acne on the back

Acne, or pimples are extremely annoying occurrence. When it happens on the face, you will usually apply an acne cream or go for a facial but what if they occur on your back?
Besides being difficult to apply medication or treated, it can sometimes hurt and becomes more annoying than ever. Here are reasons why they occur and how you can treat this problem.

Diet – You should have read before that your skin can tell you how healthy you are. Practice a diet which is good for your heart and health and that will reflect on your skin.

Solution – Practice a fiber-rich diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Minimize on processed or fast food, especially fried chicken and French fries.

Skin Care – It is very difficult to reach your back but you should care for your skin on your back the way you do on your face.

Solution – Use sea salt and make peeling on your back. Do this about 3 times weekly and it will promote soft and gentle skin there.

Clothing – Using the right clothing when you sweat is very crucial. When working out, the usual practice is to wear synthetic (those that dry fast) clothes. This material can actually promote acne growth.

Solution – Instead of spending too much on synthetic clothing, use cotton clothes. They will do just fine and minimize acne on your back.

Genes – In some cases, you get acne on your back because it is genetic which means you have no control over its occurrence.

Solution – Toiletries known to destroy acne are those that contain benzyl peroxide.

Skin Products – You use body lotions and tanning creams when you are sunbathing. While these products can reduce sunburns, they can cause acne on your back.

Solution – When you use sun tan creams, look for those that are not too greasy (oily) and those that do not dry too fast. Creams are better than lotion under the hot sun because they help to moisture the skin and do not contain too much oil, thereby promoting acne development.