PIMPLES! Things you thought you knew!

PIMPLES! Things you thought you knew

In places like Malaysia, where the weather is humid all year long, our skin tends to get really oily. This means that we have to deal with the issue of oily and sweaty skin throughout our lives which brings about the problem of acne, which are more popularly known as PIMPLES.

Hence, we spend hundreds of ringgit each month on the most expensive facial products to try and get rid of this problem but they usually do not disappear so easily. We take advice from beauty experts, skin nutritionists, take supplements and we thought we knew everything about getting rid of pimples and yet we fail. That’s because some of the things we though we knew were merely myths.

Washing your face many times eliminates pimples – Washing too frequently with soap would hurt your skin more than you thought.

Pimples only happen to teenagers – You thought that teenager when reaching puberty age gets acne. That is wrong. Anyone can get this problem way into the 50s.

Chocolate and peanuts are biggest culprits – there are no concluding data from research that shows that chocolate and peanuts or dairy products are the biggest causes of acne. So there is no problem eating the likes of Nasi Lemak in town and enjoying it with the peanuts that come with it.

Stress – this is the same situation with chocolate. There are no concluding evidence that stress will cause acne although there has been reports that not sleeping enough brings them out.

Waiting will solve the problem – if you have this problem, waiting will not solve it. This means that you need to actually solve the problem because giving it time will not ensure that it goes away. You should see a dermatologist to get this sorted out.

Pressing it out when it is ‘ripe’ – It must be very tempting, but you should not ‘press’ out the acne when it is ‘ripe’. Instead, you should let it disintegrate naturally.

Patching pores – if you have pores that result from acne, then you need to find the proper treatment to see if they can be solved. In most cases, pores are pores and it is very difficult to ‘patch’ them back. So, the rule of thumb is not to ‘press’ the acne.

Neverending problem – contrary to popular beliefs, acne is a treatable problem. It might be unfortunate that you have this problem but given the right treatment and approach, you could eliminate it forever. This could be a type of food that your skin is sensitive to which you might need to reduce.