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Brain Enhancing Snacks

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So, you have been working since morning, racking your brains and all the cells out until you seemed to be hitting a mental block. Some would tell you to take a break and have a chocolate but you do not like the calories that came with it. Here are some snacks you can try which can help to get you back on the thinking trail while maintaining a healthy lifestyle without compromising your weight.
Rule of thumb – What you really need is to drink lots of water and to take foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron and if possible ginkgo. But you might not get all that during snack times which is why you should try out the following:

Tofu and fruit mix – Tofu is known to have lots of protein and it helps a lot in repairing tissue. In fact, it has been found that tofu encourages verbal and non-verbal memory and when you mix it with fruits, you get the best of fiber and memory-enhancing capabilities. Use firm silken tofu, banana, some fresh orange juice and fat free soy milk. Blend them and you are ready to go.

Iron Blend – Take 1 cup of diced dried fruits like apples and pears, some unsalted dry-roasted peanuts and half a cup of raisins and dried cherries and mix them all together. This will give you lots of iron which is an important agent in helping to keep the oxygen flowing to the brain. Your mental power will rejuvenate after that.

Nuts – Walnuts and almond nuts are among the types of food that require minimal preparation. You can eat them off the packet which has a lot of benefits. First, it keeps you from being hungry and they do not contribute to weight. Their high volumes of protein and vitamins help to nourish the nervous systems and enhance brain power.