Vitamins & Minerals


Among the many types of minerals that your body needs, iron is one of the significant ones mainly because it exists in the red blood cells. Iron ensures that your body is well at all times through the building of a strong immune system while providing the source to combine protein in creating hemoglobin.

Iron can be found in various types of food that we take every day. It is most commonly found in meat and poultry foods like chicken, beef and pork liver while lean tenderloin meat are known to be rich sources of iron as well. Apart from that, iron can be found in whole grains, fortified cereals and cocoa as well as in nuts and seeds. If you do not consume enough of these foods, it would be recommended that you take take iron supplements as this mineral is vital in creating energy for your body.

What is it used for?
Iron is mainly used to produce energy for your body. It is used to transport oxygen to every part of your body in which it is needed to ensure your body functions efficiently each day. You must be careful not to overdose on iron as it might product free radicals which can be harmful and in more serious cases, causes liver damage or even heart problems.

A person with iron deficiency will experience fatigue and tiredness. This is mainly because your body is not able to produce enough energy to keep it going throughout the day. In most cases, your body is able to store iron but if that runs out, you will feel worn out very quickly. Other problems known to be associated with iron deficiency include anemia and shortness of breath. You could be experiencing irregular heartbeats if your body is lacking in iron as oxygen is not being transported efficiently.