Lecithin is a type of lipid metabolism which is very crucial in your body’s cells. It is a fat which is found in many types of food while is being used for its medicinal properties which remains as one of its main roles. Lecithin is able to keep certain ingredients in foods from being divided while it can keep the medicine used for eyes intact.

Sources of Lecithin

Lecithin can be sourced from a variety types of foods you eat everyday. It is very high in soybeans and dairy products like eggs. Among them, egg yolks are often known for its high content of lecithin. Seafoods like cod fish and shell fish have high levels of lecithin while milk and yogurt are in this category as well. If you are taking a lot of vegetables, ensure that you are taking the likes of broccoli and cooked Brussels sprouts to get adequate level of this nutrient as well as many other types of nuts and beans.

What does it do?

Lecithin is used by doctors to treat many types of diseases. This is usually related to the mental and nervous system where patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia take Lecithin as part of their prescriptions. Besides that, it is used to treat people with schizophrenia and in some cases, depression. Meanwhile, eczema and hypertension are among the diseases involved that use lecithin which occurred as a result of this deficiency.

Deficiency and Symptoms

Deficiency in Lecithin is not very common and can be quite rare because you will usually obtain enough in your daily food intake. Should such cases occur, you might experience problems like unusual weight loss, tingling sensation in your arms and legs most notably in your fingertips and in more serious conditions even lead to kidney problems.

Recommended Dosage

For a normal adult, it is recommended that you have at about 350mg of lecithin per day which will ensure that your body performs efficiently. As mentioned, you should get adequate amount of lecithin if you eat eggs and vegetables daily. Should that be insufficient, you will have to source it from other options including taking dietary supplements which are quite commonly offered by most brands.