One of the common mineral that your body needs each day is Boron. It is found in many types of food each day as well as in dietary supplements which is used by your body to enhance and strengthen your bones which is very crucial especially if you are entering your middle age years.

Sources of Boron

It has been found that fruits and vegetables have the highest contents of boron. Red apples, bananas and peaches are among those in this category while you can take dried fruits like dates and raisins which have boron content as well. Green, leafy vegetables like beans and broccoli have all been known for its boron content while almond and hazel nuts can be taken as well. If you are more of a meat eater, beef and chicken meat could provide your body with sufficient levels of boron as well as cereal grain products like bread, cornflakes, rice and spaghetti which could be taken together with other foods.

What does it do?

One of the very significant usage of boron is in the maintaining of bone and joint health. It has been used as medicine by people with this type of problems. Boron helps to build strong bones and muscles and for treating people with osteoarthritis. Besides that, it aids in improving your mental health by enhancing your memory and thinking skills as well as in the movements of your body. It is prescribed to treat women with vaginal yeast infection and is commonly used in eye drops.

Deficiency and Symptoms

If your body lacks Boron, you will naturally be at high risk of getting arthritis and this is most prominent if you are approaching the 40s and 50s age group. Older women will face a lot of joint and bone pains if they are in the menopause years while for others, symptoms include nausea, vomiting and skin rashes, among others.

Recommended Dosage

Your body does not need a lot of boron each day. It is recommended that a normal adult gets about 3 to 5mg of boron daily which can be easily found in the daily diet. Besides that, boron is used and included in various types of multivitamins and dietary supplements.