Vitamin B5

malaysia vitamin b5

Vitamin B5 is one of the members of the Vitamin B complex family. It goes by the name pantothenic acid and is known to be one of the major nutrients that aid in the production of energy for the body. This water-soluble vitamin is usually absorbed into the blood stream and then excreted through your urine out of your body.

What does it do?
Similarly to the other Vitamin B complex members, pantothenic acid is involved in the synthesizing and metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in your body. Besides that, it plays a role in the synthesizing of the coenzyme A of CoA that helps in digestion. Vitamin B5 is known as a ubiquitous nutrient where it is present everywhere around your body system in which this nutrient helps your body to stay energized. In some cases, Vitamin B5 is used for the treating of people with high cholesterol problems.

Vitamin B5 can be found in a lot of foods. For anyone practicing a healthy and balanced diet, you should have sufficient supply of Vitamin B5 through your daily meals if you have a blend of meat and vegetables. Besides that, this nutrient can be found in eggs, milk, cereal grains and legumes.

Vitamin B5 Deficiency
If your body lacks Vitamin B5, the most significant problem you will experience is fatigue. This is because your body is unable to synthesize the fat and carbohydrates to produce enough energy to function optimally. Besides that, you could experience irritability, muscle cramps and even hypoglycaemia.

Recommended Dosage
Vitamin B5 is needed by people of all ages. Infants who are below 6 months should have about 1.7mg of this vitamin daily while those from 7 to 12 months should take 0.1mg more. Children from 1 to 13 years of age should take 2 to 4mgs per day while adults should have 5mgs of vitamin B5 daily.

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