Vitamin B3

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Vitamin B3 is known as Niacin. It is one of the members of the vitamin B complex family. Vitamin B3 can be sourced from many types of natural foods while it is prescribed for the treating of certain types of known diseases as well.

What does it do?
Niacin’s biggest role to health is that it is used for the treating of people with cholesterol problems. In fact, it has been found to be able to boost the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol while reducing triglycerides where Vitamin B3 is known to be better than certain types of medication treatment. However, Niacin for the treatment of high cholesterol is only effective if it is prescribed in high doses which can in turn have some side effects. Besides that, it can help to reduce the likelihood of the arteries hardening known as atherosclerosis and in some cases, the treating of Alzheimer’s, among others.

Common Sources of Vitamin B3
You can easily obtain Vitamin B3 through the daily food intake if you are practicing a healthy diet. However, this nutrient is usually included in most multivitamin health supplements. High protein content foods are known to be good sources of Vitamin B3 that include liver, peanuts and several types of meat. Apart from that, you can obtain a lot of Vitamin B3 through rice, wheat, milk, carrot and celery leaves as well as yeast, tuna, several types of fish and prawns.

Vitamin B3 Deficiency
A person who has Vitamin B3 deficiency will naturally experience problems with the brain and digestive system. As it helps to metabolize your food, lacking in Vitamin B3 will reduce your energy levels. Besides that, this can increase your risk of high cholesterol that will lead to cardiovascular conditions. In some cases, you could experience diarrhoea, digestive disorders and in serious cases even chronic headaches and insomnia.

Recommended Dosage of Vitamin B3
If you have high cholesterol, the dosage recommended for Vitamin B3 is slightly higher than others. As a rule of thumb, children below 12 should take between 2 and 16mgs of this nutrient daily. Adult men should have about 16mgs per day while women is 14mgs. The maximum dosage meanwhile is 35mgs daily.

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