Vitamin B6

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Known as pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 is one of the very important nutrients that form the Vitamin B complex group. This water-soluble vitamin plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy nervous system as well as coenzyme breakdown functions.

What does it do
Pyridoxine is very crucial for the body in the production of serotonin and norepinephrine, both which are chemicals that transmit signals within the brain and nervous systems. Other known uses of Vitamin B6 includes the treating of problems like anaemia and certain types of seizures, particularly among infants. Meanwhile, pyridoxine is being used for women who are facing PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and other problems related to menstruation while those who are pregnant use Vitamin B6 to treat their morning sickness which occur in the early stages of the first trimester.

The daily diet will be sufficient in supplying enough Vitamin B6 to your body as it is found in a lot of common foods. This includes the likes of vegetables like spinach and carrots while cereal grains and legumes are rich sources of this nutrient as well. Besides that, you can obtain a lot of vitamin B6 through milk, fish, liver and meat like turkey and lean pork. Among the many types of foods, it has been found that Sunflower seeds have the highest contents of Vitamin B6 while cooked tuna fish is among the best meat sources of this nutrient.

Vitamin B6 Deficiency
A person who lacks Vitamin B6 will naturally face problems in the nervous system. This is because your body is not getting enough nutrients to facilitate the production of chemicals needed to aid its functions. Besides that, vitamin B6 deficiency could cause more serious problems that include skin conditions and your blood circulation that can lead to other complications that can be difficult to treat.

Recommended Dosage of Vitamin B6
Depending on the age and health condition, the recommended daily intake of Vitamin B6 will vary. As a rule of thumb, babies should take between 0.3 to 0.5mgs of this nutrient daily which must be observed by the paediatrician. For children, the recommended dosage should be between 0.6mg and 1.0mg while adults should take 1.3mg per day not exceeding 2.0mg.

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