Mamak Breakfast – Teh Tarik and Roti Canai

malaysia standard mamak bfast

The Mamak stall is an extremely popular place for a meal and one of the most frequented locations in the country for breakfast. In fact, it has been found that a standard Mamak breakfast is usually made up of 1 cup of Teh Tarik and 1 Roti Canai.
The Teh Tarik is the ‘pulled milk tea’ which is very much the default drink at mamak stalls. Meanwhile, Roti Canai comes in different versions where the roti kosong being the most common. Other types of Roti Canai includes Roti Sardin, Roti Telur and Roti Bom, all of which are specially made to cater for people from different segments.

For a glass of Teh Tarik, it will contribute 83 calories while a piece of Roti Canai is 359 calories if you eat it with Dhal while it is 414 calories if you take a serving of Roti Telur with Dhal. This is a lot more if you eat with sugar. This means that your standard Mamak breakfast is about 450 to 500 calories.