Turmeric can treat depression better than Prozac


The use of Prozac (a type of anti-depressant) has been quite normal to treat people with this mental condition. However, the common principle of not taking too much medicine means that you might not want to consume too much Prozac before it becomes a problem in itself. As such, take note of a recent study that found that turmeric is actually an effective medication alternative to Prozac.

In fact, the study involved 60 patients with MDD (major depressive disorder) and was given turmeric and Prozac. It was then found that the patients had all reacted very well to the curcumin. There were significant data that showed that turmeric could well be the ideal alternative for patients with chronic depression without having to worry about its side effects.

If you haven’t already know, besides being used to treat mental patients, Prozac is known to cause other psychotic disorders which include ‘suicidal ideation’ and that can be extremely alarming.

The study found that first, using turmeric to treat patients was ‘equally as effective’ as Prozac and second, it did not have any negative effects of that drug. Since turmeric is so beneficial, it can be used to benefit the body in other ways like reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases, for weight loss efforts as well as to its anti-cancer elements.

Furthermore, turmeric is a great taste enhancer for your cooking (if you like the Indian curry taste, you will understand) without the risk of MSGs or any other artificial and harming flavour additives.