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Top Reasons Why You should NOT let your under-12 child use digital handhelds


The revolution of handheld devices is among us and we have grown to allow our children to be almost fully-dependent on iPads and Tablets as their companion because it keeps them quiet and in order.

Contrary to common practices, it was found in a recent studies that you should NEVER give a child below 2 years old any handheld device while those between 3 and 5 years old should use it for not more than an hour. Those between 6 and 18 years of age should be using handheld devices at most 2 hours daily.

There are a lot of developmental issues to be worried about if a child is given the devices 4 or 5 times more than they should (which is the current rate). Here are some of the top reasons.

Brain growth – When your child becomes too exposed to gadgets, it can cause their brain development. This includes cognitive delays, impaired learning and even lead to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Physical Development – As your child tends to be using the device in one position for long hours, it can retard the child’s movement thereby causing delays in their physical development process. Besides that, it can cause literacy delays as well.

Weight – When your child spends too much time on the digital device, it reduces the frequency of physical activities. This causes many of them to be in the obesity risk group. That will then lead to diabetes and then cardiovascular problems later in life.

Sleep and Rest – There are 2 effects here. Children playing with handheld devices for too long are sleeping less and some of their sleep quality are affected because they keep thinking about the games on the device.

Mental behaviour – This can lead to problems like anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, among others.

Aggressiveness and Violence – Some games have violent elements which can influence the child’s thinking and behaviour.

Dementia – When a child is dependent on the device for information, it affects their learning abilities.

Addiction – The child tends to be dependent on the device which is a similar problem for the parent.

Radiation – Although it is not high, the radiation released by cell phones are actually quite dangerous for the brain development of a child.

Sustainability – The child will find it hard to sustain in the society if he is using technology throughout the childhood because they are more ‘disconnected’ than those who are raised the traditional way.