Get perfect vision that lasts a lifetime within minutes


An optometrist in British Columbia, Dr Garth Webb has developed a new bionic eye lens which can give you t perfect eye sight and the incredible thing here is that there is no age limitation to it. This simply means that you can now achieve 20/20 vision at any age at any time and it is not dependent on your health conditions as well.

With this new device, you can throw away all your glasses, be it for reading, driving or just corrective measure. Reports are claiming that this device will effectively change the eye health industry significantly and if that becomes mainstream, glasses will no longer be needed by anyone!

So, if you have been taking supplements or healthy food like carrots and such to enhance your vision, this could well change your life forever.

A remarkable breakthrough about this lens is that it can be surgically inserted which then replaces your natural eyes. So, it reduces your risk of cataracts as you age because unlike your biological organ, will not deteriorate when you grow old. In fact, it can continue functioning efficiently all the way.

According to the doctor, the best time to have this so-called surgery is after the age of 25 which is when your eyes are already fully developed. The lens is folded like a taco and then it will fit right in. It can be custom-made and then the surgery can be over and done with in and out 8 minutes. After that, you get perfect vision. It is as simple as that through this $3 million project which has been going on for the last 8 years or so. The project was inspired by Dr Webb’s need to free himself from corrective lenses after he had to start wearing spectacles since Grade 2.