Beetroot – This Purple Fruit can cure Leukaemia


Leukemia is perhaps one of the worst diseases anyone can get. Known as blood cancer, this diseases is painful to treat and very distressing for everyone. When a person unfortunately gets leukaemia, a series of treatment will be required which can go on for years but did you know that recent studies have found the purplish fruit Beetroot can actually cure this disease the natural way?

Anti-Cancer – Beetroots have a lot of amino acids. It is known for its anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Within the beetroot are betacyanins which has been found to be a powerful cancer-fighting element. Besides that, it has some very unique phytochemicals known as betalains. The World’s Healthiest Foods website found that beetroot contains betanin pigments which can suppress tumour growth and this is possible within organs like the nerves, the lungs, stomach and prostate.

Research into this dates back to the 1950s when Alexander Ferenczi tested his patients with raw or juiced beetroots who were already in chemotherapy. The results were astounding as all the patients responded positively.

This means that beets will join the list with garlic and dandelions as one of the natural cures for cancer. Regular consumption will be an effective treatment both preventing and curative.

How much should you take?

The rule of thumb is to start with small quantities of beetroot because it can overwhelm your digestive system and then increase as you progress. You can use about 2 lbs of mashed beets each day but this can be increased accordingly. In another study, the patients used as much as 10 oz of beet juice daily.

Other benefits you get from beets include folate which can increase your bone health, gallbladder, blood and nymph as well as help in detoxifying your liver for better energy production and general health.