Signs to visit your Doctor IMMEDIATELY!

Signs to visit your Doctor IMMEDIATELY

Sometimes it can be a simple sign which you could regard as trivial but did you know that even the smallest symptoms could be a signal your body is telling you that you are unhealthy? In fact, some signs might be small but they could be alarming. If you start experiencing the following symptoms, see your doctor as soon as possible or immediately.

Hair – If your hair starts to turn grey before you turn 40, it could be an early sign of diabetes. A few strands of grey hair is fine but if about 50% of your hair starts changing colour, then it becomes a point of concern.

Eyebrows – Check your eyebrows. If you start losing hair here, it could be your thyroid gland telling you that it is not as efficient as it is supposed to be.

Eyes – Your eye-whites should be pure white. It is as simple as that. If they are yellowish, it means you are suffering from fatigue and that could be due to an inefficient liver. But if it is too yellow, this could be an early sign of jaundice and must be treated immediately.

Ears – Your ears are among the softest organs in your body. If you notice any wrinkle ears, it means that your heart is not performing well.

Lips – Most parts of your face can tell you if you are unhealthy. With cracked lips, it means your body is lacking in zinc and vitamin B. A yeast infection could be brewing if this problem goes on for long.

Breasts – For women, having large breasts might not necessarily be a good thing. A recent study showed that big chested women are on the higher risk of diabetes, among other diseases.

Palms – A person with reddish palms all the time is at risk of liver problems.

Nails – You could be having some kidney problems or anaemia if your nails are in bad shape for long periods of time.

Feet – Check your cardiovascular system if you keep experiencing cold feet. This could be due to bad circulation as well.

Neck – A swollen neck is a sign of a problem with your thyroid gland. This is very common among those above 35 years of age.