Make your own homemade traps to keep the flies away


You know how hard it is to deal with those pesky flies which hounds around your food after cooking? Swatting them away will not work because they will come back stronger and sometimes in numbers. If a fly lands on your food, the cause can be a minor tummy ache or it could lead to more serious conditions like diarrhoea and even food poisoning. So, are there any ways you can do to keep them away for good? Yes, and here are some ways.

Fruits Trap – To do this, you will need plastic wrap, a glass jar, a toothpick, soapy water and fruits as bait. Use overripe fruits and not rotten ones as you might not like the stench. Place them at the bottom of the jar and then cover the jar with the plastic wrap. You might want to use rubber band to do this. Then, poke the wrap with the toothpick and place it in a strategic place.

The Drunk Fly Trap – The idea behind this is to use wine to make the flies drunk. Do not drink your wine to the last drop. Leave a little bit (red wine) at the bottom. Use the same concept with the Fruits Trap and kill the flies this way.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is great for health and excellent for humans but its fermented apple smell is a turn-off for flies. Heat the vinegar and place it on your dining table, it will keep the flies away. To do this, you will need a jar, a funnel, half a cup of this vinegar, some dish soap and a piece of ripe fruit. Heat up the vinegar and place it into the jar, then add the soap in. Using the funnel, place it on the mouth of the jar for the flies to get in (without getting out!). The fruit can be used as the bait.

The Traditional Trap – This recipe has been around for more than a century. You will need 2 ounces of ground pepper, about a quarter pound of raw sugar and a pint of milk. Put all of them to simmer in a saucepan for about 15 minutes, then pour the liquid into shallow dishes. Make multiple dishes and place it around the dining table.