Smokers! Do this for 3 days and clean your lungs back to life


Lung problems are not only prevalent among smokers. It can affect people who do not smoke and even children naturally. While smokers are the highest risk of people getting lung cancer, it might affect others as well. Hence, keeping and maintaining good liver health should be your main priority at all times.

For smokers meanwhile, the challenge is harder. You could have tried E-Cigarettes, nicotine patches and every method possible to quit this habit but a more pressing issue is to keep your lungs clear from nicotine and tar.

Here’s how. All you need is 3 days and a lot of discipline and you are on your way to better health with clean lungs.

Before you start, ensure that you are not taking too much dairy products like milk and such. This will only slow down the detoxification which will then make this practice counterproductive. Drink a cup of herbal tea in the evening.

Do this before you sleep and you will then start the process the next day.

Step 1 – Before you eat breakfast, drink 3dl of water added with juices from 2 lemons

Step 2 – Drink 3dl of grapefruit or pineapple juice during the day. If you like, you can add water to make it taste better. The antioxidants in the fruit will help to clean your lungs.

Step 3 – Prepare 3dl of carrot juice. Drink this between your breakfast and your lunch which can improve alkalization of your blood.

Step 4 – Drink 4dl of potassium-full juice during lunch which can be beetroot, figs or tomatoes.

Step 5 – Before you sleep, prepare 4dl of cranberry juice and drink it which can help you to cope with bacteria in your lungs when you are sleeping.

Take note that when taking your bath, add 5 to 10 drops of eucalyptus oil in your hot water and inhale the vapour.