E-Cigarettes – harmful or harmless?

If you are a smoker and has been thinking about quitting this habit, you might have come across the likes of the e-cigarette or electronic cigarette. This breakthrough in technology would have impressed you if it has not already done so.

You would have seen smokers puffing away in non-smoking areas as the vapor produced were actually aromatic and not as smelly as tobacco smoke.

Some even call it the ‘healthy alternative’ to tobacco smoking but then again, if you think further, are there actually any alternative to smoking which is ‘healthy’?

So is it as safe as you think it is?

According to a recent study in Greece, it is not. In fact, it causes damage to the lungs which could be a huge health risk.

E-cigarettes are being marketed as effective smoking cessation devices and that might be a start for you to stop the habit. But when it becomes an addiction all over again, then you might want to think twice about using them.

An experiment was carried out on both smokers and non-smokers and it was found that after 10 minutes, had an instant increase in airway resistance in their lungs. Make no mistake about it, e-cigarettes are less harmful than normal cigarettes but they can be equally as damaging if used in a long term. The best way to use e-cigarettes is to start them as a smoking cessation device to stop this habit completely. If it does not work, then use other methods which might be more effective.

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