Studies shows that Tumors will continue growing despite cells growing old

The term senescence means ‘biological aging’ which is an irreversible situation for everyone. In the area of science, it was previously known that senescence could restrict the growth of cancer cells and hence could be a natural way of treating patients with cancer. However, a recent research has found that it might not be the case and has some very serious implications.

Findings of the research showed that there was spontaneous cell senescence in melanoma cells, the growth do not stop because they were sustained by a small group of cells. The study was conducted to find if there were any relations between melanoma and senescence where cells will stop duplicating after the maturity stage and it was found that there was actually some very slow growth.

In fact, it continued to grow and resumed its growth at the usual rate and did not stop until the cells had almost vanished. What this means that despite the efforts to try and restrict the growth it could mean actually providing a space that could facilitate the growth and ultimately becomes more counter-productive instead.

In the past, one way of treating cancerwas to induce senescence to the cells as it was supposed to stop them from growing. However, it can be concluded through this research that it might not be a totally successful strategy after all. Hence, there might be a need to further strengthen and enhance the current methods of treating cancer patients through more modern medication and therapy.

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