Liver damage and foods that helps cleanse them

Liver damage and foods that helps cleanse them

The liver is an important part of the body. It functions like a filter that differentiates what is needed and what is not for the body and does whatever is needed. If you do not take care of your liver and ensure that it functions well, there could be some very big problems to face in the future. A damaged liver could cause minor to major health problems.

Your liver must be articulately taken care of where you must ensure that it is always in its best working condition. One of the biggest factors that contribute to liver damage is your lifestyle. Excessive drinking of alcohol, not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much is among the problems that need to be solved. Eating too much or too little, not urinating when you wake up in the morning and consuming too much medication would cause your liver to deteriorate. You must ensure that you are not consuming food that contains too much preservative or additives or anything artificial as well. Unhealthy cooking oil and raw or overly done foods would require your liver to overwork.

Knowing about liver damage is one thing, ensuring that it is working properly and efficiently is another. While medication and supplements would help to clean your liver, there are many types of food out there which could help in this area as well.

Garlic is one of the best natural foods known to benefit the liver. It can activate the liver enzymes which will help your body system to flush out unneeded toxins. It has 2 natural compounds known for their liver cleansing properties which are allicin and selenium.

Leafy green vegetables are very useful food that helps in cleansing the liver and this regards those that are very green as chlorophylls help to extract environmental toxins from your blood. Grapefruit contains very high volume of Vitamin C and antioxidants which are very natural liver cleansing agents. Foods like bitter gourd, arugula, dandelion greens, spinach, mustard greens and celery are very good additions to your daily diet which will help to keep your liver clean and efficient.

Other types of food that can aid in cleansing your liver include avocados, Olive Oil, walnuts, turmeric and green tea which have their respective functions and properties which will help your body to avoid complications with liver diseases in a long term. If you find this article helpful, please spread the word around and share it with everyone.