Natural Herbs that can help Thyroid Problems

Natural Herbs that can help Thyroid Problems

The thyroid glands are very important organs which help your body where it handles several critical functions. If you have any thyroid disorder, it could be very detrimental which could lead to cancer. Hence, maintaining good thyroid health should be among your priorities.

Taking supplements would be the most common way to achieve this but there are certain types of herbs that you can take as well. When your thyroid glands are functioning efficiently, they can help to regulate your sex drive and libido which means it could well be one of the natural ways that can help in this context. Besides that, it can help in synthesizing your cellular protein, transporting of electrolyte and repairing of bones.

Here are some herbs that can enhance your thyroid glands.

Ginger – This is the most popular superfood and is rich in magnesium, potassium and zinc that helps in enhancing your thyroid glands. You can make tea with this and honey.

Evening Primrose Oil – One of the most important herbs used to enhance women’s health, you can take this if you have menstrual problems and it can even reduce hair loss too. You can take this in the form of tea.

Echinacea – When you take this herb, pay more attention to the root and make Echinacea tea.

Licorice – Known for helping in respiratory conditions, it has glycerrhetinic acid that can help to supress growth of cancer cells in the thyroid.

Bladderwhack – If you have underactive thyroid, this herb can help because it has a lot of iodine contents.

Flaxseed – You should take one tablespoon of flaxseed daily as it helps to boost the ratio of your thyroid hormones especially if they are underactive.

Nettle – Whether your thyroid is under or over active, this herb can help due to this high iodine content. It would be best to take nettle in the form of tea where it is easy to drink and tastes good as well.

Note – Having known the best herbs to take to enhance and improve your thyroid glands, ensure that you have spoken to your doctor prior to consuming them because it is important to know how much you should take so as not to create an overactive thyroid gland. This will only give you another problem.