Signs that you might have cancer

Signs that you might have cancer

Okay, so this is not something that you might really want to know but reality can hurt sometimes. Check the list below and if you have the following symptoms, then you might want to find professional help. First and foremost, don’t panic just yet. It could be just a normal everyday pain in your body but early detection would make a lot of difference.

Headaches and fever

If you are experiencing persistent headaches or fever that won’t go away which has been going on for months now, then see the doctor. Even if it is not cancer, having prolonged duration of fever could be dengue which could be fatal as well.


Fatigue happens all the time but if you are feeling tired all the time with no signs of recovery even after you rested, then it could be serious.

Losing weight

Don’t jump with joy if you are suddenly losing a lot of weight with no specific reasons. If you are not going through any diet program or so, then any unexplained weight loss must be attended to as soon as possible.

Cough and flu

Cough and flu are seasonal allergies but if the cough has been around for months now and you are experiencing some sort of hoarseness, then it could be a serious medical problem that could be linked to cancer.

Indigestion and unusual bowel patterns

Some early signs of cancer include trouble eating, digestion as well as other problems like diarrhea and constipation. Get it checked if that happens.


Lumps are among the most obvious signs of cancer. If it happens near the breast or testicles, then check it out as soon as possible. As long as it happens in your skin, it could be dangerous.


Coughing blood or stains in the stool are usually symptoms of cancer. When there is abnormal bleeding, you must get it checked regardless if it is cancerous or not and yes, breast cancer can happen to both men and women.


When you have problems urinating and experience pain or blood, it could be early stages of bladder or prostate cancer. Other symptoms include going to urinate more often than usual.


Sores or bruises that take longer time to heal than usual are symptoms as well.

Visible changes in skin

Any abnormal changes in your skin must be checked immediately. This includes a mole that suddenly appeared as well as white patches in the mouth are all obvious signs that cancer could be on the way.

Other Major changes

As long as there are major changes in your body which are abnormal like pain and such, you must get it checked as early detection of cancer makes a lot of difference and could well save your life and perhaps take on precautionary measures like fruits like over-ripe bananas and papayas.