Top 8 Eye Care tips

Top 8 Eye Care tips

Your eyes, like any other parts of your body require careful care and treatment. In fact, the eyes need a lot more care as they are among the most fragile parts of your body. Read below to find the top 8 ways to ensure your eye maintain its best possible condition at all times especially among those who stare at the computer for long hours.


Like every part of your body, your eyes need to relax. This will ensure that your eyes get the rest it requires as it is opened for long hours throughout the day. Do this by first rubbing your arms together to generate some heat and then placing them over your eyes. Ensure that your eyes are covered fully.


To keep your eyes fresh and moist at all times, blinking your eyes constantly would do the trick. Do not turn that into an uncontrolled habit but do so whenever you can.


Make the practice to stare at a distance every half an hour or so and do this for a 5 to 10 second duration. This will help you to get the eyes to focus on objects located from a distance.


If your eyes feel tired or strained, wash them with water. Do this as frequently as possible but make sure the water is clean.

S and 8

This is one exercise which is very easy to do. Imagine that you are looking at the character ‘S’ or the number ‘8’. Using your eyes, trace it slowly from both directions.


This is an exercise which will train your eye muscles. Sit on a comfortable position. Place your finger as far from as you possible and then slowly move it towards your eyes until it is about 2 inches away and then move out again.


Go for early walks in the morning which will keep your eyes relaxed and very fresh while basking in the sunlight of the day.


If possible, don’t use your spectacles too much. You need it for driving and for daily use but if you are at home and reading or when it is not needed, take them off. Spectacles do not improve your eye sight.