Top Sex-Related Diseases for Men

Top Sex-Related Diseases for Men

If you have unprotected sex too frequently, AIDS is just one of the few problems you should be afraid of.

Men in general are sometimes less concerned when having multiple partners for sex. Having unprotected sex will expose you to AIDS but there are other STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) too that you might be concerned with.

Genital Herpes
Known in short as Herpes, it I caused by the Simplex Virus of the same name. If you get Herpes, you can feel sore on your crotch areas, buttocks and on to the thighs. Generally, you can get this from unprotected sex and oral sex as well. Symptoms include blisters that can be itchy and even painful. Once you get it, you will experience outbreaks every once a while which can be quite painful at times and would require constant monitoring.

This is caused by a type of bacteria and it can be contracted on most sexual activities. This includes oral, anal and vaginal sex and it can be transmitted among men and women although it is quite common among the former. In most cases, it could infect the urinary tract which will require a lab test to determine if you have Chlamydia. This simply means that having sex with someone with Chlamydia will almost be sure to pass the bacteria to you.

This disease is caused by the Neisseria Gonorrhoeae which can affect men and women where it can cause swelling and extreme pain around the genitals area. Gonorrhea can be contracted from most types of sexual activities including oral and vaginal sex and it is considered as one of the most painful types of STDS around. In fact, people who have gonorrhea are in the high risk group of contracting HIV which can be very dangerous if not treated and controlled immediately.

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