What you must know about Gynecological diseases and their solutions

For women, if they do not pay attention to private care daily, they will be easily infected with various gynecological diseases.  Vaginitis, in particular, is a common problem in gynecological diseases, and every woman is “entangled” by vaginitis throughout her life.
 There are roughly three types of vaginitis, one is bacterial vaginitis, one is senile vaginitis, and the other is the most frequently occurring and particularly stubborn fungal vaginitis.
 The “pathogenic killer” of fungal vaginitis is Candida albicans. It was originally a fungus normally carried in the human body, but it belongs to the type of “brilliant to the sun” type. When immunity is low, the surrounding environment is suitable.  When breeding, it becomes the source of disease.
 Least Ambush: Our Own Body
 Unexpectedly, mold is actually inside our own body! For example, they can wait quietly and patiently in groups of three or five on the appearance of our skin, mouth, digestive tract, nail gaps, and anal wrinkles, and then resist in the body  When the force drops, it comes out to exercise, causing disease.  Therefore, it is commendable to wash your hands before going to the bathroom.
 The most dangerous ambush: “old friend” sanitary napkins
There are always a few days of “inconvenience” for women in each month. At this time, it is the time when physical and mental fatigue is needed and it is necessary to take care of them. However, it is precisely because some sanitary napkins are not of high quality and are not qualified for disinfection.  It was transmitted, and the consequences induced mycotic vaginitis!
 The most confused ambush: life assistant washing machine
 The washing machine is hidden behind the washing machine. Although it uses recycled water, the washing machine itself generally does not have a sterilizing function, and it will slowly “collect” and “bred” mold.  Japanese experts surveyed the washing machine and found that there is almost hidden mold in each laundry bucket! Most of the mold found on the clothes comes from the laundry bucket, and the more the washing machine is used, the more mold it breeds!
The richest ambush: the sexy briefs
 Petite panties with lace can outline enchanting body shape, increase charm and give you confidence, but the chemical fiber underwear that is close to the body will cause constraints and affect blood circulation, making it difficult for the lower body to dissipate heat and breathe.  Breeding creates opportunities.
 The most helpless ambush: indefensible public facilities
 When going out, I always deal with public toilets. The sanitary condition of toilets in public toilets is indeed worrying. There is also the air in some saunas, car cushions, hotels, basements or warehouses … Remember that mold is everywhere, and you must be careful  Manage your personal belongings and try to avoid unnecessary adventures.
 The sweetest ambush: soft bed and pillow
 The night fell, and he approached me docilely and intimately with you. Are you worried that he may also bring some invisible “things” in the unprotected ear mill? When mold is parasitic on the male genitalia, because there is a comparison  It is dry and does not have the acidic environment that molds love, so it does not produce significant mold infections, but it does not hinder the spread of mold. Therefore, women may have recurrent mold vaginitis.
The mold itself is resistant to the effects of drying, sunlight, ultraviolet rays and chemicals.
The vaginal pH for proper mold growth is usually between 4-5.
Mold can be found in the oral, intestinal and vaginal mucosa of humans, but it does not cause symptoms, and is easy to develop when local environmental conditions change.
Prevent “cold”, I have an opinion
The number of patients with fungal vaginitis ranks second in vaginal inflammation, which is related to the fact that 10% -20% of healthy women already carry mold.
Sometimes the vulva feels strangely itchy, burning pain? The vaginal secretion is increased, it is cheese-like or tofu-like, and it has a slight odor; you will feel a painful tingling, frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria when urinating  a feeling of.
These problems may only present one, or several symptoms may come up at the same time, and it feels wrong. It is best to go to the hospital to check whether you have fungal vaginitis.
How to clean up the private parts? How to ensure the health of the uterus?
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