Swimming as one of the best sports and where to swim in Malaysia

Swimming is a sport that requires very minimal investment. In Malaysia, swimming is a great sport because we have some of the best weathers around. With hot humid weather throughout the year with occasional rainfall, nothing beats dipping into the swimming pool, especially on a hot day.

Best Advice for Swimming in Malaysia

If you are planning to go into this sport, there are some things you need to be aware of. Here are some tips.

Technique – Swimming is not just dipping into the pool and paddle away! You need to get the techniques right. Start with breaststroke and then learn the others. Check out the correct technique in YouTube through tutorials or engage a swimming instructor. The reason for this is so that you do not waste your time during the workout.

Gear – As you would know, swimming gear is among the cheapest. All you need is a swimsuit, swimming goggles and you are ready. Invest into a good set of gear and it can last you for a year or two.

Safety – The swimming pool can be dangerous if you are not aware of your surroundings. Whether you are an expert swimmer or a beginner, always stay safe. Depending on which pool you head out to, see if there are safety equipment or a lifeguard on duty. You’d never know when you can suffer a cramp in the deeper ends.

Pools – There are all types of pools available, all of which come in different depths and widths. If you are uncomfortable about the deeper ends, avoid them altogether.

Laps – In swimming, you are practically doing laps. Start with short distances and then increase them slowly. If you are short of breath, take the sides of the pools instead.

Where to Swim in Malaysia

Malaysia has some of the best swimming pools around. The most common ones would be to head out to public swimming pools. Chin Woo Stadium, the National Aquatic Centre, Kompleks Sukan Bangsar, and the Kompleks Sukan Kelana Jaya are among the popular ones you can find in the Klang Valley.

Besides that, you can go swimming at most fitness centres and condominiums. Most private, high-rise residences usually come with a clubhouse with a swimming pool. They are the best places to start if you are staying in these locations.

If you are around the eastern or western coasts of Peninsular Malaysia, swimming by the seaside can be quite exciting. However, you must be extra careful and vigilant when it comes to open sea swimming as undercurrents can be quite dangerous.