How to tell an egg which is healthy


Eggs are very important foods in our daily diet which is high in Irons. It is almost a standard dish in the Malaysian meal where it can be fried, cooked, boiled and mixed in every way possible. Half-boiled egg is one of the most popular dish among Malaysians.

While eating egg yolks might not be too healthy, it is actually quite high with Vitamin A. There are organic and healthy eggs which means there will always be the flipside of this (which means those that are totally unhealthy). So, how do you tell if the egg is healthy or organic before you consume it?

When you break the egg, take note of the egg yolk. What you want to do is to look at the colour of the yolk which lies the secret of its origins and nutrients. The safest eggs are those with dark orange yolks. If that is the colour you saw, it simply means that the hen had a healthy diet in the farm and lives within a very natural surroundings. There are sufficient water and food as well as good sunlight for the hen that produced a healthy egg with dark, orange yolk.

This will be the opposite if the egg yolk is light yellow. The more yellow the yolk is, the unhealthier it becomes. This simply means that the hen that produced that particular egg lived in an environment with insufficient sunlight (usually for long hours in the barn) and the food that were fed to the chicken was not as healthy as desired.