Snacks and Quick Meals

Whether it is a fast meal or a snack, chances are you find yourself in a situation where you need to pack and go at one point of your life. But having a snack need not mean that you will have to take something unhealthy.

Stay healthy with quick meals

Having quick meals is often associated with eating unhealthily. If you are planning to watch a football game or rushing for a meeting, you grab something to eat and it would probably be hastily cooked or just plain unhealthy. We list out some interesting snacks or quick meals that do not compromise that.

Try out the dips

Dips are the most popular way to eat if you are watching a game or something like that. here are some great ones to try.

  1. Chicken Dips – The way around this is to use leftover chicken and then prepare the dressing for the night. Get it done the next day and eat this with the most popular buffalo sauce. Delicious!
  2. Cheese dips – When you do this, try it out with chilly. A great dish to have if you are watching a game. Orange processed cheese is the usual but you can try out using goat cheese as well. As for the dip, if it remains warm, it would be epic!
  3. Yoghurt dips – this dish is quite easy to prepare. Use pita chips or standard vegetables like cucumbers and some lemon juice with fresh dill.
  4. Cheese and Artichoke – if you use goat cheese and artichokes, you get a great dish with a lot of antioxidants. That’s healthy eating while enjoying the dip and indulging into your favorite game.
  5. Bean dip – This can be done with about six to seven layers of bean. Put in some fresh herbs, yoghurt and then some cheese. Be innovative but use healthy food.
  6. Vege dip – okay, this might not be the dish for everyone but its worth a try. Use spinach and artichoke and then clear it all in with goat milk yoghurt.

Now for some heavier bites

Dips are great but sometimes you might want something heavier and what is a quick snack without nachos? And did we mentioned bites too?

  1. Nachos – use grass-fed beef and then add in goat milk cheese and black beans. You get protein and if you add in some jalapenos, the cheese will melt right into your throat.
  2. Potata skins – Use chicken, turkey bacon, cheese and broccoli on these potato skins and you get a healthy dose of indulgent!
  3. Breadsticks – Try out a new way to have breadsticks. Ensure they are gluten-free and using coconut and served with marinara.
  4. Potato Bites – use the Irish recipe for this one. Small red potatoes and fill them up with corned beef and not bacon.
  5. Chicken sliders – try this out. Chicken and hot sauce cooked to perfection with the slow cooker and then shred it to mix with the rest of the hot sauce with your own ranch dressing.
  6. Vege wings – This takes some skill and technique as you will need to replace chicken wings with vegetable ones. The Cauliflower will you be your best bet and once it is done will look very much like the Chinese dish sesame chicken.
  7. Meatballs – Prep the chicken a night before preparing this. Season the chicken balls and then bake it. They call it the firecracker chicken meatballs which means you will need to use a sweet and spicy sauce to marinate the chicken. After that, it will be an epic experience

And how can we forget our Malaysian favourites?

While the list above are all about our western dishes, remember that we do have some great options when it comes to Malaysian food. Here are our top picks!

  1. Satay – This is the best dip you can have. Barbecued chicken grilled to perfection, some cucumber and ketupat (and perhaps onions too) and then dipped into the fragrant peanut sauce, nothing can beat this any day! Its balanced with all types of nutrition too.
  2. Ikan bilis sambal – okay, this might not be the healthiest choice when it comes to food but it surely is among the most delicious. Fried anchovies with spicy sambal is perfect if you are with your kaki bola over a game. For the drinkers, the beer is a must.
  3. Roti canai – This might be a bit far fetched if you are took to cook yourself. So ordering through food delivery or tapau’ing’ might be your best option. After all, you have a whole list of different types of Roti Canai to choose with. Add in your own dhal or curry and it will be just nice!
  4. Toast and bread – Not everyone likes a toast during a football game but this is easy to prepare and very nice to have. Pick and choose the spread that you like including margarine, kaya or peanut butter whichever rocks your boat!