Malaysia Herbs

Herbs are known to have medicinal contains that can contribute to your health and general wellbeing. They have been used for generations and in a lot of communities for all reasons.

Herbs for treatment and food

The most common use of herbs would be in cooking. In Malaysia, the Malay, Chinese and Indian communities have been known to use herbs in their cooking for decades. It is very common to see the use of herbs in traditional cooking.

Besides that, herbs have been known to be used for treatment of diseases and health conditions. What makes herbs so good is that they can be easily found and acquired. Apart from that, they can even be grown in your own garden.

Types of common herbs

There are many types of herbs that are commonly used in daily cooking and other use. This includes herbs like oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage and tarragon, among others. You would usually find them at a local supermarket or grow at your own backyard.

You can check out how these herbs can be used and even contribute to any advice or tips on using herbs in cooking or preparation of certain dishes. This includes using them as ingredients or as the main dish itself.

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