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Clenching fists could help you improve your memory

Memory power is an important thing in life. In fact, as you grow older, your memory ability will deteriorate and hence, it is very important that you keep your memory abilities in check at all times. In a recent research, it was found that clenching your right hand did actually have a positive effect on your memory. It actually helps to create stronger memory of something.

Meanwhile, clenching your left hand could help you recall the memory at a later time.

The study concluded that clenching your fists will increase the neuronal activity in the frontal lobe of the contralateral hemisphere which is actually a form of simulating the key areas of your brain. This in turns helps to improve your memory in many ways.

The test was carried out where the participants were told to memorize 72 words. They were placed in different groups with different things to do.

Suffice to say, those who clenched their fists when carrying out the experiment experienced better recollection ability while those who did not obviously did not perform as good. However, it was found that those who clenched their right fist when memorizing the list had a better recollection of the list of words while clenching their left fist. The results here were better than all other configurations.

This means that there could be suggestions that simple body movements could well affect the way the brain functions and it is an interesting area for further research that can involve other information like remembering faces and even events like placement of keys and such.