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How to remove stretch marks the natural way


If you are a woman who desire to look good and beautiful, among the biggest problems you will face includes acne and cellulite. Naturally, you will invest in beauty soap and products, adopting methods and learning about the secrets of anti-aging so that you can have beautiful and radiating skin all the time.

This could perhaps suppress the problem with acne or pimples. Meanwhile, you will learn about remedies and methods to overcome cellulite, which is another major skin problem among women. However, if you have given birth, another major concern you would have is stretch marks. This is most prominent due to the sudden change in body size and is not only applicable due to pregnancy. Women who underwent dieting or puberty will have this problem as well. Before you head out and spend hundreds or thousands to remove the stretch marks, you should try this home recipe.

What you need?

Prepare the following:

  • About 250 grams of sugar (you can use brown sugar for this)
  • 100 ml of palm oil (coconut oil or olive oil could do as well).
  • 250 grams of table salt

Once you have gathered all the ingredients, you can then mix them into a bowl evenly. After that, apply the mixture around and on the stretch marks of your body part. Let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes and then using a body lotion or a cream, apply them onto the area for moisturizing. Continue this for a month and your stretch marks will disappear.