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Secrets to why Japanese Women don’t get old or fat


Have you ever wondered why Japanese women are always sweet looking, have flawless skin and practically never grow old? They are always slim and pretty which makes them among the most beautiful people in the world. Besides that, Japanese women has held records for living the longest and have you ever wondered about their secret?

The answer is in genetics and their diet. To understand this, you must visit the kitchen of a typical Japanese home. You will usually find Green Tea, soy, fruit, rice, sea vegetables and fish. These are among the healthiest ingredients if you want to live longer and enjoy good skin health.

Sea vegetables are known to have a lot of minerals and vitamins while the fish that they use are those that have high contents of omega-3 fatty acid which can help in aiding production of natural oil. It helps to prevent wrinkles and has anti-aging effects that can help to wade off diseases.

The benefits of green tea has been reported all the time and is known for protecting the skin from attacks. In rice, phytoceramides play a crucial role in forming a protective layer for the skin’s outer areas. This is the very reason why phytoceramides have been labelled as the ‘facelift in a pill’ by many quarters.

With all that ingredient in place, the common practice among Japanese women is to cook their meals at home with fresh ingredients. The use of sugar, known for its damaging effects is usually kept at a minimum.

Portions – Japanese foods are usually lesser than other types of food. Imagine having a healthy meal in small portions each day. How much healthier can you get?

Exercise – Japanese women are known to walk a lot. Statistically, Japanese people visit their doctors for checkups most frequently among other communities.