Chiropractic in Malaysia

chiropractic in malaysia

It has been reported that a large percentage of Malaysians are unaware that they have back problems. This is usually occurred through bad posture when sleeping, sitting and walking. The spine can determine the life and death of a person. It must be treated with extreme care or it could have some very adverse consequences.

When a person spend long hours in a position which is not conducive for the backbone, it can cause back pains and more serious conditions over time. When this happens, proper treatment would be required. Chiropractic is now one of the most prominent healthcare treatments in the world and evidently in Malaysia.

It is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment of the spine in particular, the joints and other disorders around the body. Chiropractic has been around for more than a decade now where it has now grown to become one of the most important branches in healthcare in the treatment of the spine.

Types of Chiropractic Treatments

Generally, there are 2 types of chiropractic treatments which are applied which are manipulation treatment and soft tissue treatment respectively.

Manipulation Treatment – This type of treatment is known as chiropractic manipulation where a sudden and controlled force is applied on a joint which has become restricted in movement using the hands or legs. Manipulation treatment is very much similar to certain types of massage technique which is often associated with snapping sounds which are not the sound of bones actually. In fact, the snapping sounds are caused by the release of bubbles of gas within the joints and would only be provided by a certified chiropractic doctor.

Soft tissue treatment – This type of treatment is carried out by chiropractics where it is carried out through a certain method of stretching or massage. Soft tissue therapy usually applies a deep muscle massage which helps in reducing tension in the muscle and to help in adjusting the joints back to its original pathways.

Besides the 2 common types of treatment mentioned above, there are other techniques in chiropractic clinics that include muscular release therapy, trigger point therapy, ultrasound and even acupuncture, among many others which are used to help in relieving pain in the joints and other parts of the body.

Chiropractic Clinics in Malaysia

One can be easily misled or confused between a chiropractic clinic and a traditional medical centre. In many cases, many cannot tell the difference between a Chinese traditional treatment and a chiropractic clinic because they might offer similar types of treatment that helps in relieving pains in the joints and bones. While the Chinese traditional bone specialists and acupuncture centres do help in bone adjustments and joint relieve, they might not be the same as chiropractics which are actually certified specialists.

Among those that offer chiropractic services are Physio Savvy located in Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur, the iRehab Physiotherapy & Stroke Centre, the very popular and renowned Chiropractic Specialty Center in Ara Damansara which have a team of highly qualified chiropractic doctors, the Diamagnetic Physio Centre in Shah Alam, the Shaik Physiotherapy Centre and Platinum Physio, among others.