Dentistry in Malaysia

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The dentistry industry is one of the major areas of healthcare and wellness in the world today. In Malaysia where the economy is booming and growing rapidly, people in the workforce are fast becoming more health conscious which means that there are now more who knows the importance of having good health and general wellbeing.

Governing Body

The dentistry industry in Malaysia is under the purview of the MDC or Malaysian Dental Council. Basically, this council is involved in most aspects of the dental profession, ensuring that guidelines and regulations are adhered to and enforced. The MDC is responsible to uphold the professional standards and more importantly ethics adopted by the dentistry practitioners. Besides that, MDC ensures the recognition and registration of dental practitioners in the country as well as issuing of documents like the Annual Practising and Temporary Practicing certificates.


There are dentists offering services around the country and it is regarded as one of the most specialized form of medical practices. While there are varying costs incurred in every visit to the dentist, the brackets are somewhat similar.

As such, choosing a dentist would need careful consideration as it basically means the specialist will be taking care of one’s gums and teeth as well as all oral health issues. In most cases, dentists offer a complete range of services where the standard practice is to go through a consultation session before any treatment or surgery is required. Medication will be provided after that and charges will cover the entire process.

Types of Services

Visiting a dentist means that the patient wants to have the teeth treated for certain reasons. Some of the services offered by dentists include:

General Check-up – Regular check-ups which are recommended every 6 months. This is where the patient will have their teeth and gums checked to maintain good oral health. Should there be any risks or problems detected, further action will then be required and recommended by the dentist.

X-Rays – This are radiographs which is provided by dentists to provide better diagnostics. In cases where surgery is required and where the inner tooth are hard to reach, an X-Ray would be required to better explain the situation and recommended action to the patient.

Fillings – The dentist will determine if fillings are required for certain teeth. This occurs when there are decays where restoration process is required. There are several types of fillings like amalgam, porcelain, composite and the more fashionable gold fillings, among others.

Crowns and Bridges – These are permanent prosthetic devices where a crown is used to cover a badly damaged tooth which is made in the shape of the tooth. A bridge is a fixed denture which can be removed and is used to replace teeth which is missing.

Root Canal – Considered as one of the most expensive treatments in dentistry, root canal is required when the tooth’s pulp is removed.

Other services – Besides that, there are other services provided by dentists like treatment for Periodontal Disease, Antimicrobial Therapy, Dental Implants, Teeth Scaling and many more.

Tooth Extraction – When a tooth can no longer be repaired, it needs to be removed or extracted. Dentists provide this service while more complicated situations would warrant the service of a dental surgeon.