Eye Specialists in Malaysia

Eye Specialists in Malaysia

Eye care is one of the most prominent areas in healthcare particularly in countries like Malaysia. This is because with the fast-growing industry and economy of the country, people are exposed to more pollution in the air and this is often overlooked when it comes to vision health. As such, there are now a many eye care centres and specialists across Malaysia that offers all types of specialist treatments and services like the International Specialist Eyecare Centre and the Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital, among others.

The eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. It has often been put together with the prominence of internal organs like the kidney and liver but unlike those, the eyes are not protected by anything. In fact, the eyes are exposed to the environment which means that it is at the highest risk of being damaged. Losing sight can have major consequences where it can affect both the physical and mental aspects of the person. As such, protecting the eyes is very vital.

Eye Specialists

Eye specialists are considered as medical professionals who offer treatment and different types of services to promote better vision health. They are in a totally different category as compared to optometrists and optician who provide corrective measures.

Eye specialists are those that provide medical treatment if one is facing problems with their vision. Among them are those who are trained in ophthalmology known as Ophthalmologists. These are the professionals who are experts in the anatomy, unction and problems that the eye would encounter. These experts are osteopathic physicians who have the right information in medical and surgical care for the eyes and who will be the right people to talk to if one has any issues with vision health.

The ophthalmologist will be able to diagnose the problem and make recommendations in terms of any medicine to take or if any surgery would be required. As such, they will be know the full spectrum of eye care and vision health completely in which they are trained to treat eye diseases, perform eye surgery and even prescribe anything that the eyes would need.

Eye Related Problems

A person will experience some sort of eye-related problem depending on the age and environment. Some of these problems are more serious which needs the diagnosis of the specialist while some are mild which can be treated by general practitioners.

Presbyopia – This type of problem happens usually when the person reaches 40 years old where it is where the ability to see close objects clearly deteriorates.

Dry eyes and tearing – When tear glands are unable to produce enough tears to keep the eyes moist and hydrated, it can lead to itching burning and even loss of vision. On the other hand, excessive tearing could be another major problem as well.

Cataracts – This happens when the eye lens start to develop cloudy areas that can affect the vision. This is a very common problem among those who are at the later age and would need a standard surgery procedure.

Glaucoma – The optic nerve which is deteriorating would cause this problem. This can happen when the eye is being pressured all the time.

Besides that, there are other known problems like retinal disorders, Conjunctivitis, corneal diseases, eyelid problems and others which would need special attention as well.