Hair Loss Treatment in Malaysia

malaysia hair loss

Hair loss can cause depression and even suicidal tendencies if it is not treated properly. This condition can occur at various stages of life where it is most common as a person ages. There are many types of hair loss and reasons. Each year, millions of men and women experience hair loss which can be caused by many factors which could be external, internal or both.

The most common type of hair loss is the male or female pattern hair loss which can occur as early as the adolescent years while most commonly occurring in the later stages of life. That which makes hair loss so important is because besides the physical appearance, it could have some serious psychological impact on the individual as well. When a person experiences hair loss, it is a sign of aging or old age while some might find it hard to accept a thinning scalp. This would have some very detrimental effects on women as compared to men.

Effects of Hair Loss
– The main effect of hair loss is on the psychological aspect. A person who is experiencing hair loss will inevitably have to deal with low self-esteem which will then lead to depression. This is mostly caused to the fact that the person is aging or no longer as youthful. If this is not treated properly, it could lead to more serious conditions.

Introversion – Hair loss could lead to a person becoming more reserved and introverted because they start to lose confidence.

Unattractiveness – This is a direct effect of hair loss where the individual feels less attractive as the scalp starts to bold. For men, it could work in their favour but this will have a major effect for women.

Dermatology is the branch in the medicine field which addresses hair loss among others. It is a highly specialized area that uses medical and surgical aspects to treat problems with the hair as well as the nails and skin. As such, a person who faces hair loss problems would be advised to consult a dermatologist. Besides treating diseases, dermatologists are involved in treating cosmetic problems that affect the nails and skin as well.

The Dermatology Society of Malaysia is the official society for Malaysian dermatologists who serve in the public and private sectors as well as in the academia.

Dermatologists in Malaysia
In most cases, a person experiencing hair loss would mostly be helped through the services of a dermatologist or sometimes referred to as a skin doctor. Most hospitals and medical centres have their own dermatology departments which offer a full range of related services while there are skin specialists who provide such treatments as well.

Among them include the Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Klinik Pakar Kulit Low and Klinik Kulit Seah which are all in Johor Bahru. The Chua Skin Specialist in Puchong is one of the more popular centres while the Dermlaze Skin Laser Clinic in Damansara Utama, Dr Kent Clinic, and Klinik Christina Chea are among those that are quite renowned for their skin care services and hair loss treatment.