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In the modern world, medical check-ups are very crucial because it helps you to detect any problems you have concerning your health before it happens. Any signs can be determined and then treated so that you do not run into any health problems in the future. Whether you are an adult man or an elderly woman, there are specific medical check-up plans catered for you.

Most medical centres and hospitals today provide such services. However, there are certain organisations which specializes in providing medical check-ups.

Government Hospitals – The most common places to go for a full medical check-up is at private hospitals and medical centres. Take note that most government hospitals do not offer such services as they are not set up for walk-ins. You can however go to government clinics as they now provide free medical check-up for Malaysians above 40 years of age under the government-initiated SOCSO package.

Private Hospitals – If you do not mind the cost, private hospitals and medical centres do provide comprehensive health screening services. This includes the likes of KPJ Hospitals, Gleneagles Hospital and others, all of which have their own respective packages and specialized services in these areas.

HealthScan Malaysia – Located in Kuala Lumpur, HealthScan Malaysia prides itself to be a one-stop world-class diagnostic and medical centre in the country. This organisation offers a wide range of diagnostic packages which can be catered to people from all walks of life particularly for health evaluation. The Premium Package comes with a comprehensive health scan that covers cardiology, general health, dietary and lung function test, among others. For a bit more, you can opt for the Premium Plus package which comes with all the services in the Premium package plus H.Pylori & Tumour markers and Ultrasound Pelvis check.

BP Healthcare – This organisation is perhaps the most renowned name in this sector. BP Healthcare was set up in 1982 where it operates 70 laboratories and 50 diagnostic centres across the country. It provides a holistic set of services for checks that include eyes, dental and food testing. Started out as a diagnostic centre, BP Healthcare’s flagship services now involves primarily in health screening which includes annual personal check-ups, health screening packages for families, focused checks for women and even pre-marital health screenings. Besides that, BP Healthcare provides cervical cancer screening and allergy profiling for those concerned as well, among others.

Pathlab – Pathlab has been established for many years. It was set up in 1952 in Singapore and about 20 years later in Malaysia where it now provides a broad range of medical check-up services for the public. Offering total healthcare solution packages, it has a large network of medical centres across the country as well as in neigbouring countries like Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. Health screening packages are the flagship services provided which can be catered to individuals and families while it has corporate health screening packages as well. Apart from that, Pathlab provides allergy testing and profiling and food and chemical screening services for those who require them.

MJ Life – The MJ Life Screening Centre is located in Bandar Utama which started in Taiwan in 1988. For a standard package, you will be able to get a comprehensive and almost complete medical screening service and report that includes Blood Glucose test, blood test, HIV screening and many others.




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