Stem Cell Companies


Stem cells today play a crucial role for health and general wellbeing because of its unique ability to continuously grow and divide. Stem cells are typically the ‘master cells’ which can further develop into other cells that form the vital parts of the body like the nerves, brains and muscles.

As such, stem cell storage has become widely popular in recent years particularly from infants where the umbilical cord blood that contains valuable and unpolluted stem cells can be used in the future like regenerating of healthy blood during post-chemotherapy treatment. In Malaysia, stem cell storage companies include:

Stemlife – This company is the pioneer and earliest set-up in Malaysia in the area of cord blood banking. Established in 2001, Stemlife has assisted in more than 500 cases of stem cell applications and processed more than 50,000 of such cases. Besides being the first, Stemcell is the largest cell banking company in Malaysia as well with an affiliation with the internationally-recognized Cordlife Group. Stemcell offers end-to-end services for adults and infants and is certified according to international standards. Through Stemlife, customers need not have to be concerned of the process which is usually non-intrusive while storage are kept at high-security facilities that met international standards as well as a 24-hour surveillance systems.

CELL Malaysia – CellMalaysia was established in 2010 where it provides similar products and services. Located in Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur, CellMalaysia provides a broad range of cell-related services which include medical check-up and DNA tests, among others. Stem cell therapy is among the flagship services offered by CellMalaysia where cells are obtained from umbilical cords from newborns. Besides that, CellMalaysia is involved in cartilage regeneration which is very common among the elderly although it has been applied to people from the younger age group as well, particularly those who lead active or sporty lifestyles. Another service offered by CellMalaysia is in anti-aging stem cell therapy where it has one of the most popular facilities for this purpose.

Cyrocord – This company was established in 2002 when stem cell therapy was still very new. Providing 24 hours hotline service for its customers, it has grown to become one of the major stem cells banking and research companies around today. Cyrocord operates its own pioneering technology with state-of-the-art facilities which involves the areas of infant and adult stem cells. For infants, Cyrocord provides storage of the Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells while for adults, services include the likes of bone marrow, peripheral blood, adipose and tooth pulp related services.

CellSafe – Cellsafe operates in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore where it is located in Sentul in the Klang Valley. Using its own technology, Cellsafe operates under the Cellsafe Biotech Group which was established in 2006 which has grown by leaps and bounds ever since. It is involved in the areas of cord blood stem cells processing as well as in cryogenic preservation services in the respective markets. In Malaysia, it is among the fastest growing companies in this sector as well as being the first in Malaysia that utilizes a fully-automated processing technology renowned across the world.