Grow your own organic lemon tree, FROM A CUP!


The benefits of lemon for your skin and general health can be limitless. It helps to clean your bowels while its high contents of fibre is extremely helpful for your skin. Lemons are rich with Vitamin C and citric acid while it can be used to treat many types of health problems.

While you can always buy lemons from your local supermarket, growing your own organic fruits would always be encouraged where you will be free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Growing your own lemons can be quite challenging if you use the usual farming methods but did you know you can do so with a cup??

To do this, you will need some lemon seeds and some soil. First choose a large lemon where you want its seeds. Clean the seed thoroughly and then ‘water them’ before leaving them for a week or so. Ensure that you the water is changed daily. Use a gelatin sheet to cover the seeds when you are soaking them.

Then, add a few stones in the bottom of the cup. This is to encourage good drainage before filling up the cup with moist soil and put the seeds in. Ensure that the pointed ends are facing the bottom and that there is a 5mm space in between.

Then, use coarse sand to cover the seeds. Spray the surface with water for about 3 days and then use a nylon bag to cover the entire cup. This is to create a greenhouse effect for the plant to grow. Spray water every 2 days and within a week or more, you should see the first shoot. If you need a larger container, transfer the shoots. In about 3 to 4 months, choose the healthiest shoots and transfer to a larger pot. Ensure that you are using the same composition of the soil in a sunny place.

Things to consider:

Ensure that your plant gets lot of sunlight and moderate water. Never leave the soil dry. If the leaves are falling, just water it constantly and it should bear fruit in the next few months.