10 Reasons why you MUST add pineapple to your water


Pineapples are wonderful fruits. They are high in fibre and has amazing health benefits. This tropical fruit is found in most Asian countries and you can even grow one from an existing fruit at home. If you are concerned with your health, you should not take this advice lightly. Pineapples ensure that your body gets a lot of micronutrient where it is rich with Vitamin C and the bromelain enzyme. Here’s 10 reasons why you should add pineapples to your water and drink with an empty stomach.

Inflammations – When you take pineapple in your water, you get anti-inflammatory properties through its bromelain enzyme. This helps your body to detox better by flushing out dangerous toxins. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation and in some cases, mild arthritis.

Weight Loss – Pineapples contain a lot of fibre which aids in digestion. Particularly when you take this in the morning, your body will crave for fats and sugar lesser because you have more thiamine in your body.

Liver – The bromelain enzyme is crucial for your liver where it can free your liver and intestines from parasites and tape worms from causing damage and indigestion.

Thyroid – Pineapples can help to regulate your thyroid glands while helping to improve your immune system.

Electrolytes – Within your body, the level of potassium in pineapples can aid in regulating your electrolytes. That will enhance your metabolism rate and reduce your risk of cramps and such.

Toxins – Adding pineapples to your water is a very effective detoxification method. It has fibre that can clear your body from toxins and heavy metals which can cause havoc if retained in your body.

Digestion – Naturally, digestion is enhanced through bromelain and fibres of the pineapple.

Teeth – Besides working internally, bromelain is a very effective natural stain remover. When you take this, it will break up the plaque in your teeth where it can strengthen your gum and whiten it along the way.

Vision – Pineapples contain a lot of Vitamin A and beta-carotene which are known to enhance vision health. You should take 3 servings per day and it can reduce your macular degeneration significantly.

Cancer – The most important benefit of pineapples is that they can protect your from cancer. It has been found that bromelain is a lot better than 5-Fluorauracil, a type of chemotherapy drug.