Kidney Disease – Top killer from Malaysian food

Kidney Disease – Top killer from Malaysian food

Many people do not know it but the kidney is in fact one of the most important organs on the human body. It has many functions that ensure that the body is able to carry out its daily tasks efficiently. Therefore, if the kidney is infected or when a person faces any form of kidney disease, the effects can be more detrimental than imagined.

In Malaysia, it has been recorded that there were 2,571 cases of kidney diseases in 2010 that led to death. This was recorded by the World Health Organisation where at 2.51% of the total deaths that year, kidney diseases contributed the tenth highest cases of fatalities, which is one fact that must be given serious consideration and attention.

The kidney is an important agent that regulates water so that the body is able to absorb the right amount of water to function effectively. After all, it is water that keeps the person alive. Another vital function of the kidney is to filter the food intake and remove any unwanted agents. This is seen through the sodium and potassium which are excessive usually seen in the urine while regulating minerals like calcium and phosphate for bone health.

When a person gets kidney disease, the kidney fails to function as properly as it is supposed to. This is usually an accumulated situation that could date back to many years or months. In Malaysia, kidney diseases are common among those who are overweight or obese and among those who are not careful with their food intake. In order to minimize the risk of contracting kidney diseases, it is very important to watch the weight and to ensure that you have a healthy body mass index.

The kidney will be able to function efficiently when food which are rich in fiber like nuts and seeds are consumed because it helps in digestion, giving the kidney all the assistance it needs to break down foods and then channeling the right mineral to the appropriate parts.

The common symptoms of kidney diseases usually are related to blood pressure and the type of food that the person eats. Therefore, it is always advisable to reduce food which are too manufactured or those that use recycled oil which is very common with fried chicken in the typical Malaysian diet. Symptoms include fatigue, unusual bowel movements while more serious ones include blood in any form of body discharges.