Alpha Carotene


One of the main minerals in the carotenoid group is Alpha Carotene. Its main role is to be converted to Vitamin A by the body which helps in enhancing skin and joint health and is usually coined together with another carotenoid known as Beta Carotene.

Like most types of carotenoids, you can find a lot of Alpha Carotene in your daily food intake. It has been found that canned pumpkin has one of the highest content of alpha carotene while carrots are one of the best supplies of this mineral as well. In fact, you can take carrots in both liquid and physical form and you will receive adequate supply of alpha carotene. Besides that, most types of vegetables are rich sources of alpha carotene as well as peas.

If your daily diet is not as balanced ad desired, you should be able to complement your daily dosage of alpha carotene from dietary supplements. In most cases, it could be linked with beta carotene and formulated in multivitamins while it could be supplied as stand-alone products as well.

What is it used for?
The main function of Alpha Carotene is being converted into Vitamin A that helps to enhance your skin health. This includes ensuring strong bones and joints while aids in strengthening your vision health as well. Apart from that, Alpha Carotene plays a crucial role in boosting your immune system while maintaining healthy skin as it is a very powerful antioxidant.

Deficiency and Symptoms
Alpha Carotene is linked with skin health which means that if you start experiencing dry skin or problems with your complexion, chances are you will need to increase your supply of Vitamin A which stems from this mineral. Besides that, more serious conditions include oral cleft and reduced ability to fend off bacterial or viral attacks.

Recommended Dosage
It is recommended that your body gets about 650mg of Alpha Carotene per day. This can actually be easily achieved through your daily intake of food if it is rich with vegetables and fruits. Meanwhile, if you are taking multivitamins which contain high dosage of Vitamin A, then your body should have sufficient amounts of this mineral.