Antioxidants are among the most powerful agents your body needs. They help you to maintain good health and your general well being.

Why antioxidants?

The main source of antioxidants are mostly from fruits and vegetables. However, you can find them within supplements as well. The objective of antioxidants is mainly to combat free radicals in your body.

Benefits of antioxidants

With antioxidants, the free radicals in your body will be curbed. This is because they are the main culprit that causes a lot of chronic diseases and terminal diseases. Without antioxidants, free radicals will be able to inflict a lot of damage in your body particularly in your cells. Among its benefits are:

  1. General health of different parts of your body – for instance, beta-carotene helps your eyes, lycopene help in prostate and many others
  2. Skin health – antioxidants help your skin to combat the damage caused by prolonged hours under ultraviolet lighting
  3. Immune system – This is perhaps the most important duty of antioxidants that help to strengthen your immune system.
  4. Other protections – This includes health, eye and even promote memory health.

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