malaysia foods rich in chromium

Chromium is among one of the minerals that your body needs each day in order to function well in the best condition possible. Among all the minerals, chromium is among the least popular ones as it is not always mentioned together with issues like disease prevention and immune system. However, it must be noted that chromium is very important in protecting the body against the likes of Type 2 diabetes, among others. It must be noted that chromium must be taken in moderation and usually prescribed in terms of dosage from the pharmacist or doctor.

Chromium is available in many types of food. It is commonly found in vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes and green beans while barley is known to be a great source of chromium as well. The natural food known for being rich in chromium includes whole grains, green beans, fish, eggs and sea foods while fresh vegetables are popular options. Apart from that, there are many types of herbs like wild yam, licorice and sarsaparilla which supply chromium to the body while this mineral is available in supplement form as well.

What is it used for?
The most important purpose of chromium is in the regulating of blood sugar within the body. This means that it is commonly used to reduce the risk of diabetes while chromium is commonly used for diet and burning of fats in the body. In doing so, chromium is able to regulate blood circulation which can reduce the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular heart diseases as well as taken by men in particular.

Unlike many other types of minerals, the amount of chromium in the body needs to be regulated as one cannot have too much chromium which can be damaging. However, a person with chromium deficiency will face a host of problems like fatigue, depression, bipolar and even coronary blood vessel problems, among others.